Am I back?

Hey, friends! Long time, no write. A lot has happened in my life recently that made me lose interest in writing this blog (for both good and bad reasons), and I’m tempted to start it up again. Maybe.

I started my blog because I was feeling exceptionally lonely and needed a creative, anonymous outlet to talk about the things I was interested in. I had become so committed to transitioning to cruelty free and minimal waste; I thought I was doing it to make the world a happier place, but now that my life has moved on, I think I was only committing myself to a cause to make myself feel more enriched and give my life more purpose.

I was living in a deeply unhappy household and trying to force myself through an even shittier relationship with a terrible man. My spending went through the roof, and perhaps I tried to justify it by the mantra “Oh, but I’m buying it to talk about on my blog!”

I saved my empties and destashes every month to post up here, and I had also saved everything to post one giant photo at the end of the year. I emotionally held on to literal trash to feel like I was working towards some sort of goal. It made me kind of understand what it might be like to be a hoarder, to hold on to 40 years worth of newspapers because the world will crash around you if you threw them away. They’re useful. They have purpose. That’s how I ended up feeling about my makeup trash.

Then, my life totally changed. I dumped that shithead and immediately felt a weight off my shoulders. I noticed that my spending dropped dramatically after that. I knew I was happier and didn’t use ‘coming home to a new parcel in the mailbox’ as the #1 reason I was excited to leave my office and go home.

I decided to move. Once I had made up my mind, started searching for share houses, and started packing, I felt this magical change within my headspace. I no longer held on to items with such emotional force. I looked at my 2 Doc Marten shoe boxes (big, BIG shoe boxes) totally spilling over with my empties and destashes and felt repulsed. I threw it all away without wanting to take a photograph of it. I just wanted it gone.

I met my current boyfriend who fills my life with so much excitement, joy, and gratitude that I don’t shop anymore. Since September, the only big shopping binge I’ve been on was 2 ~$150 ASOS orders, which I understand to be caused by Christmas stress. That’s it. I honestly could not tell you what the last piece of makeup I bought for myself was. With him, I don’t feel like I need to shop; I don’t need to wait on packages to arrive at my doorstep to feel hope and joy. He does that for me all by himself.

I stopped writing on my blog because I felt like I didn’t need to. I’d lost the emotional connection to it, and it wasn’t a crutch anymore.

Will I pick it back up again? I don’t know. Will I start saving my makeup again to show the world? I don’t know.

All I know is, if I do, I’ll be doing it out of love for makeup and the joy that playing with makeup brings me, not as an emotional coping mechanism.

I feel happy now, and I hope that I can start my blog again – for the right reasons, this time.

Ingrid xx


butter | LONDON

[Spotlight On]: butter|LONDON 3-Free Nail Polish

USD $18

First of all, I’m sorry but I actually have no idea what this shade is called. I’ve scoured through the butter|LONDON online store to try and find it, but it’s nowhere to be seen. But for reference it’s a matte shade, and the blue is somewhere between Slapper and Seaside (if Seaside was matte).

This was a part of the little gift bag my sister gave me for my birthday, which included the Eye of Horus eyebrow pencil I recently reviewed. The packaging of this nail polish says it is cruelty free. The website also describes the “3-Free” coin to mean ‘no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP’ and ‘just colour, no carcinogens.’ The website boats a strong focus on health and the environment, and the company are proud to offer nail polishes and other cosmetics made from ‘the highest quality’ ‘safe, effective, and skin pampering ingredients.’

The packaging is okay – the bottle itself and the applicator are fine, but the first time I tried to open it I was so confused with the lid. Turns out the black top is just a pop-off cap, and the applicator actually screws off with another component underneath the rectangular cap.

The application is great – it’s smooth, pigmented, and totally opaque. One coat is fine for my smaller fingers and toes, but larger nails like my thumbs and big toes need a second layer just to fill in the streaks.

The dry down is phenomenal – it applies like a high gloss, but it dries within seconds (literally, it dries so fast) to a lovely matte finish.

The longevity is fine – it lasted on my feet for about a week before it started to chip. I’ve only just painted my fingernails with it today, but I’m assuming it’ll be a few days before it needs another go over.

Would I buy more shades of this? Totally! I’m not sure where my sister bought this from, but if I ever find out, I’m definitely interested in picking up some more shades of this. I’m not a nail polish fanatic (I only own 3, and I rarely paint my nails as it is) but if I fancy a particular colour, I’ll certainly consider buying one of these instead of heading into Priceline.


Empties and Destashes

August 2017

What a month for empties and destashes this is! I smashed through so many products this month. I’m very pleased with myself!


  • Tarte Clean Queen deodorant (AUD$21) 
    We are all very well acquainted with my feelings on this deodorant. It’s trash to wear out to work or running errands, but it’s fine for just lazing around the house on a weekend. I’m glad to see it gone from my shelf and will not be repurchasing.
  • Mitchum Clinical Gel deodorant (AUD$10)
    This is my favourite deodorant that I’ve tried so far, and I repurchased another when this ran out. I keep stumbling upon mixed reviews about whether or not this is actually vegan/cruelty free – some say it is and some say it isn’t – but I’ll continue to buy it until I find something else that is 100% vegan/cruelty free and actually works. If not, I might have to make a compromise and continue to buy this very “grey area” product if I find nothing else that works. I figure for things that are not a necessity, like makeup, I should be ethical about, but things that are a necessity, like stuff that stops me from stinking out the office at work, I might have to leave some wiggle room and just do the best I can.
  • Rosehip by Essano SPF Moisturiser (AUD$19.99)
    Love, love, love! I’ve been using Rosehip by Essano products for years and will continue to do so!
  • Rosehip by Essano oil with acai berry antioxidant (AUD$19.99)
    Again, I’ve already been through a couple of these and will continue to buy more in the future.
  • Red Seal toothpaste “Smokers” (AUD$4.95)
    I love this! I bought it from Flannery’s and will definitely buy this again. I might even branch out and try a few different flavours! I’ll see how many I can hoard over the next few months and potentially do a big review on all of them together.
  • NARS Laguna/Orgasm sample
    I decided to use this in interest of getting rid of the 50 thousand samples I have. I actually loved the bronzer! It’s been very sad to see NARS knocked off my “okay to buy” list, otherwise I would have been all over that shit with a full size. The blush wasn’t my cup of tea, though, it was too sheer and glittery for my liking.


  • Bio Oil (AUD$13.99)
    I swear I need to stop buying this stuff, I’ve thrown away a couple of half used ones over the years. A google search tells me that it’s not tested on animals as it’s manufactured under British Beauty Without Cruelty law, but, I don’t know. I always buy it and think that I’ll use it on my multiple skin cancer removal scars, but I never get into the habit of including it in my routine so it just sits there and slowly goes off. Maybe one day.
  • Lush Let The Good Times Roll face cleanser (AUD$17.50)
    This product just makes me sad. I received this for my birthday and really loved using it, but in only a couple of weeks, it went off. I opened it one morning and it STANK. I’m not a regular Lush user and just last weekend shared this experience with a friend who works at Lush. She said that because it had gone bad more than one month before the recommended expiry date, I could have taken it back for a replacement. If only I had known! I might buy this again for myself, or I might not. I very much enjoyed using it and would like to have it again, but Lush kind of scares me and I’m always too afraid to go in.


Eye of Horus Dual Eyebrow Pencil

[Spotlight On]: Eye of Horus Dual Brow Perfect (Nile)

AUD $28

Oookay, okay okay. This shit. This shit right here. Yes. Give me all of it. I live. I breathe.

My sister bought me this product for my birthday. I’ve never used anything other than a cheap drugstore eyebrow pencil before, so receiving this as a gift made me feel like a “real adult.”

First of all, the colour is perfect. My eyebrows are quite an ashy black, and the shade “Nile” matches them perfectly. If I make a small mistake and go outside my brow slightly, I can’t even notice because the colour blends so well. It just looks like an extra brow hair that’s gone astray.

The formula itself is lovely; as this is the first brow product of its kind that I’ve tried, I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I find that this formula is excellent. It’s quite dry and stiff, so it’s impossible to accidentally end up with any harsh lines. It applies lightly and, while I do need to spend a little bit of extra time filling in sparse patches, it builds to an absolutely lovely and natural finish. I can’t tell that I’ve filled them in with a product at all, it simply looks like my brows are naturally full.

The gel is the best I’ve tried. While I love the Essence Make Me Brow, this clear brow gel is basically sent from the gods. It’s quite watery on first application, which I feel makes it much easier to completely coat the brows and maneuver them to the exact right spot before it dries. And, once it has dried, it gives that perfect “crusty brow” feeling. I know that crusty brows is quite a polarising topic, but I personally love feeling like my brows are glued to my face every time I make a facial expression. My brows are naturally unruly and it gives me confidence knowing that I don’t need to try and use my fingers to re-adjust any absconding hairs throughout the day.

This product makes me look in the rear-view mirror of my car at 5:30PM, after applying it at 8:00AM, and think “damn, my eyebrows look so good today.”

What could possibly make this product even better? Well, it’s totally vegan and not tested on animals. Ding ding ding! We have a winner! I want to buy 50 of these to last me the rest of my life.

Dual Brow Perfect Nile (Dark)

Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus deodorant

[Spotlight On]: Malin+Goetz eucalyptus deodorant

AUD$31 from Mecca

Holey dooley. I paid $31 (THIRTY ONE DOLLARS… for all my USA friends, that’s almost $25) for this. My hopes were high, so high, and so let down.

I put it on at 8:30 in the morning and it was a great first impression; it smells amazing and it felt so refreshing on my skin. My poor underarms had been getting knocked around a bit while trying to put on the tarte deodorant when it was almost empty and the hard plastic packaging was scraping against my skin. The eucalyptus gel totally soothed my sore pits. I also enjoyed how the gel felt like it was almost melting into my skin, it was amazing.

I went about my day and did some odd jobs like going to the pharmacy and the post office. Totally nothing overly strenuous, and I was in air conditioning for most of the time.

By lunchtime, I smelled myself and I STANK. I was so disappointed! I sat staring at the deodorant that cost almost an hour of my salary with total resentment. I was rooting for you! 

Again with the tarte deodorant, I guess it’ll be fine for just lazing around the house, but it’s definitely not a “leaving the house and actually doing things” deodorant, nuh-uh.

Zero Waste.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on waste and how much waste I create. I look around my bedroom and see all the unnecessary shit I’ve bought that I always just end up throwing out. Clothes, makeup, homewares, CDs, books, everything. While I’m not necessarily committed to being 100% zero waste (I gag in awe over bloggers who can fit their entire year’s worth of rubbish in a jar), I’m beginning to be very conscious of how I use everyday items and what more I could be doing to help heal this planet of ours.


My first goal that I’m committed to achieve is a 2:1 ratio of recycling to rubbish. That means needing to empty my recycling bin twice as often as my rubbish. How am I going to do this? Firstly, I’m committed to buy as many recyclable products as possible, such as bamboo toothbrushes and taking along my own reusable steel straws on a night out to save using a handful of plastic straws throughout the evening.

No packaging.

In addition to buying more things that can be recycled, I’m also beginning to choose products that have recyclable packaging, or even no packaging at all. For example, I’ve started to ditch shower liquid soap in large plastic bottles and choosing packaging-free bar soaps instead. I’d also like to try buying dry foods like quinoa, pasta, and rice in bulk using recycled paper bags rather than packaged off the shelf. Not only that, I’ve picked up an awesome fabric bag that folds up super small to keep in my handbag for when I go grocery shopping; it looks small, but actually fits quite a few groceries in it. Every plastic shopping bag I don’t bring home is a win!

Mindful purchasing.

Another point is only buying things that I am 100% sure I am going to like… things I am certain (or, as certain as can be) I will not just throw away after one use because I made a poor purchasing decision. For example, I don’t remember the last item of clothing I bought (but I’m guessing it was the dresses you can see in my Melbourne blog). This point is also helped by the fact that I absolutely despise buying random decorative items that have no actual purpose other than looking nice. I very much appreciate receiving decorative items as gifts, but I just can’t bring myself to buy them.

Fix, Donate, Sell.

I think I’ve become an eBay addict – this past year I have sold so many clothes on eBay that otherwise would have just gone in the bin. There is also a charity thrift store a 5 minute walk away from my office that I could commit to donating unwanted clothing to. Not only would the clothes go to another home who would love them like I never could, the money from sales would go directly to that charity. Win win! Finally, although I am no seamstress, I have been able to do a shoddy DIY hand-stitch repair of some handbags and tshirts, so that is going to make a huge difference!

Watch this space to see how I make small changes in my lifestyle to help minimise my waste! Even though for some items it’s a bit too late now (like a bar soap that I’ve already finished), I’ll start posting up hauls and photos of my everyday trash as a way to remain accountable for my choices!


Empties and Destashes

July 2017

What a month! I’m very excited to say that I had absolutely NO THROWS this month! AND I emptied a full-sized perfume! I was a bit upset when I also ended up with some pretty exciting empties on the 1st and 2nd of August, but I refused to let myself cheat and sneakily include them in my July empties. Watch this space for next month!


  • Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mini mascara (included in the AUD$45 sample set)
    While I did actually like this mascara, it burned my eyes something fierce! As I washed my makeup off at the end of the day, I’d end up in tears because of how much this mascara would sting. It took me a while to figure out what it was because the mascara didn’t hurt when I applied it or throughout the day, only when washing it off. I would try it out again if I ever picked up another tarte sample set; but if the second one does the same to my peepers, it’s being immediately thrown out and never bought again.
  • Beyonce perfume in “Midnight Heat” (AUD$24.99 from Chemist Warehouse)
    I received this as a gift years ago and finally finished it! I LOVE this scent and would certainly buy it again, but I can’t figure out if Beyonce Perfumes test on animals. I know their parent company does, but no matter how hard I try I cannot find any information on whether Beyonce’s products are tested on animals. If they’re not, I’d repurchase this over and over and over; if they are, you know the drill. But until I find out a solid yes or not answer, I’m not buying it just to be safe.
  • Malin+Goetz peppermint shampoo (included in the AUD$44 travel set)
    You all know I love this and have already bought a full size of this shampoo, it just took me forever to get through the travel size because I forgot it was still sitting around. Nothing more to say! Although I will say that I swear it was spelled “Gotez” and not “Goetz.” I had a total Mandela Effect moment when I realised my mistake. Now I know that all of my tags on wordpress and instagram are incorrectly spelled, whoops!!


  • None! Nothing at all! I feel like I’m getting to a point where I’m happy with my collection and everything that I own.