Hey y’all, welcome back to my channel! It’s your girl Ingrid here! Today I’m filming a haul video of all the stuff I picked up in Melbourne!!!

No, but seriously, here is my Melbourne haul! The trip was kind of a disaster so I was forced to be very well behaved and only picked up a few things in the week or so I was down there.

Clear It: 

Ah, my most favourite shop in the whole world! From Clear It I picked up a pair of retro looking sunglasses, a beautiful navy and burnt orange shift dress, and a super cute black long sleeved dress that tucks in nicely at the waist and fans out.


I was playing around in the Hourglass section and absolutely fell in love with their ambient lighting blush in Incandescent Electra. It’s the most gorgeous shimmering peach! This is the second ambient lighting blush I own and the love is so real.

I also picked up another Malin+Gotez rum soap and clay mask. Very boring re-stocks, nothing overly exciting to see here.


Minotaur is the coolest shop! We could have spent hours in there looking at all of the stuff. From here I added to my extensive coffee cup collection with this awesome The Simpsons mug! Krusty is one of my favourite Simpsons characters and the colours on the cup are so vibrant. I’m too scared to wash it in case it starts to fade!

As to why the trip was a disaster, I’m currently in contact with a few companies and making some complaints, so after that’s all settled down I might do a little blog sharing my terrible experience! Watch this space!

What did I take?

Packing for a trip is always tricky, hey?

How much will I need? What products are going to best suit the weather conditions I will be entering? How can I maximise my options while taking as little as possible? What might break, leak, or shatter during transit?

Here is everything I took with me on a week long trip to the chilly mid-autumn Melbourne recently. I opted for;

  • Three large palettes that give me a tremendous amount of options
  • One liquid and one powder foundation – I opted for KvD Lock-It as I thought that was the packaging most likely to withstand rough transportation 
  • One brow pomade
  • One mascara
  • One primer – A hydrating one for the cold windchill 
  • Three concealers – one brightening, one skin-toned spot concealing, and one green
  • Two lipsticks in a dark, vampy purple and a nude
  • A Malin+Gotez travel pack – Repurchased for this trip because I enjoyed it so much the last time I went to Melbourne!

While this seems like only a small fraction of staple, must-have products, in hindsight this was way too much. For one, I only wore makeup once or twice the entire time, and I didn’t even touch the eye shadow palette, vampy lipstick, or concealers at all. I think I used the bronzer and blush once or twice each. I also took a whole army of face and eye brushes when I only used maybe three or four.

What a waste of space, time, hassle, and worry about whether or not I would open my bag to a shattered mess.

Watch this space for an update of my experiences (including our hotel being a scam!) and a haul of all the amazing goodies I picked up!


Mitchum Clinical Gel

[Spotlight On]: Mitchum Women’s Clinical Gel deodorant

AUD$13 from Woolworths

I was forced to buy this after realising that the tarte deodorant wasn’t exactly what I had hoped it would be. I stood in the personal care section of my local Woolies and pulled my phone out to google “deodorants not tested on animals.” Mitchum was a brand that came up so I went ahead and bought one of their products.

This, I love! This definitely stands up to a hard day’s work far more effectively than the tarte deodorant stick. I’ve never used a gel deodorant before and was surprised at the winding mechanism and aloe vera gel-like consistency.

This product took a little bit of learning and experimenting, such as how much to use and what makes it work the best. For me, I discovered that the perfect amount is winding it up just so far that the gel tips over onto its side (if that makes any sense at all!). I also discovered that if my pits aren’t perfectly shaven the product doesn’t work as effectively. Perhaps having hair stops the gel from spreading around evenly?

One downside is that this doesn’t last as long as I would have liked it to, seeing as it’s $13. Today I decided to remove the packaging tape from the outside just to see how much I had left and was disappointed to see that the winding mechanism is almost at the top already. This is a shame as I have only been using this for a few weeks, and not even every single day – I still like to use the tarte deodorant stick on a weekend if I’m just hanging around the house or popping out to run some errands.

Another downside for me on a personal level is that it the scent reminds me of the hospital foaming hand sanitiser (which is a huge turn off for me because I’m afraid of hospitals).

I’ll definitely repurchase this for now, however I think I may keep experimenting with some other cruelty free deodorants in the meantime to see if I can find something just as good but at a more affordable price (that also doesn’t smell like the hospital, eugh).



Stress Less.

Every time I think about stress – what it is and what it does to my mind and body – I cannot help but think of Reynholm from IT Crowd’s “War On Stress.” You can catch that iconic scene here (but just a heads up, it features some pretty strong MAMIL) –

How do you know when you’re stressed? 

I, for one, always know I’ve had a stressful day if there is searing, burning pain in my fingers and toes because I’ve bitten or picked at them til they bleed. I don’t necessarily know I’m biting or picking at the time, but I certainly know when I get home at the end of the day and look at the disgusting state of my sore nails.


Do you think there’s a difference between being escalated by stress and being escalated by anxiety?

I’m not sure about this one. I know that when I feel anxious, I have this deep seated need to be forgotten. I turn off all my social media, turn off my phone, cut my hair off (literally), go through my room and throw things out… When I’m feeling anxious I have a desperate craving to be smaller. Be less. Maybe that’s because I think that’s what I deserve? Today is not like that.

What do you do to unwind and calm down? 

I don’t think I’ve really figured this one out yet. Today (thankfully) I have the day off work, and I’ve spent the day with my phone turned off, curled up on the couch watching trash TV on E! and eating chocolate biscuits. I know that’s definitely not the healthiest way to deal with it, and now I just feel sick.

It’s raining so I can’t go out for a walk. I’ve already had a long shower this morning so I don’t want to have another or perhaps run a lavender oil bath in fear of using all the hot water for the day. I tried doing some relaxing yoga, but it was difficult because my bleeding toenails hurt so much.

What are your warning signs to know that something isn’t right? What healthy strategies do you use to relax and unwind?



Tarte Pack Your Bags patches

[Spotlight On]:

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Pack Your Bags 911 Undereye Rescue Patches

$36AUD /4 pack

What an interesting little product this is! This is another one of the items I received in the tarte sample box (2 down, 5 to go!)

I’d never used an undereye mask or anything of the sort until last night. For a first time user and nothing else to really compare them to, I love these! I was expecting there to be a bit more serum on the actual patch, but they felt extremely cooling and did not slip and slide all over my face.

This morning I did not wake up with my usual puffy undereyes – in fact, my under eyes feel quite tight and firm this morning! It makes me feel like my age clock has just rewound 5 years overnight.

I went to the tarte site to a full size pack, but was kind of flabbergasted at how expensive they are! $36 for a pack of 4! No way. Some of the comments do say that you can reuse them, but the thought of repackaging up those little squishy patches to use them again makes my skin crawl. Plus, the actual instructions from tarte say to discard after each use (although that could just be a marketing conspiracy to force you to buy them more regularly).

Either way, I liked these and definitely would buy them again (but just not until are having a sale)!



April, 2017

I’ve decided that my monthly favourites are not going to be just material products, but also experiences and feelings. This idea was inspired by Jaquelyn Lovene on youtube –

  • Tarte Colour Splash lipstick in the shade “Island Life” – it’s basically KvD Lolita II in a bullet lipstick form. The colour is stunning and the formula is great; it’s hydrating, super pigmented, easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and lasts through my whole work day
  • “Thankyou” products – specifically the incredibly delicious cranberry and coconut muesli bars. This is an amazing not-for-profit company and I’m committed to supporting them as much as possible
  • Why Buddhism? by Vicki Mackenzie; it’s so incredible reading the real-life story of Robina Courtin who travels to maximum security/SHU prisons in America teaching the men about Buddhism
  • The way that my toddler niece (who is just starting to say words) says our names, it’s cute as fuck and melts my cold heart

Project Pans (and why I don’t like them)

While I love to follow project panners on youtube, reddit, and instragram – there is just something so satisfying about empty packaging –  I don’t like to do them myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I did try. I tried to do a “Finish 16 in 2016” last year, but failed dismally. I don’t think I actually finished any of the products that I had aimed for in the list I wrote on January 1st.

I didn’t like thinking of my makeup as a “challenge,” as if the products are a burden on my life and I need to get rid of them. I didn’t like forcing myself to use the same things over and over again to try and reach my goals.

I was beating myself up and feeling disappointed and dissatisfied that I hadn’t finished a lipstick in the designated time frame. I found myself resenting the products I had because they were causing me to feel this sense of failure.

Makeup is for fun and for joy; makeup should not be a “challenge” or something you have to force yourself to use.

If you don’t enjoy something, throw it, sell it, or return it. Give it to a friend. Pass it along. Don’t force yourself to use the eyeliner you hate just because you bought it. Don’t force yourself to use the eyeshadow palette you hate just because you bought it.

When you’re 80 will you look back on your life and think “damn, I really wished I hit pan on that blush”? No. No you will not.