Essence Eyebrows

[Spotlight On]: Essence Eyebrow Designer & Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara

AUD $3.05 & AUD $5.10 from Priceline

Not much to say here, just stopping by to sing the ever rare “HOLY GRAIL” praises of this eyebrow pencil and gel!

Seriously, with specific reference to the pencil, I have been using this anywhere between 3 and 7 times a week since MARCH and I have ONLY SHARPENED IT ONCE. It’s now July and I have only sharpened the pencil once. What the fuck.


Plus it’s actually a great eyebrow pencil – it gives noticeable colour payoff into my eyebrows that lasts all day.

With particular focus on the gel, everything amazing I had heard about this product came true. It’s easy to use, doesn’t clump up in my brows, and leaves them looking sharp as a tack all day. It gives a little bit of a “crunchy” feeling to the brows, but honestly, I don’t mind that. It makes me feel like my brows are secure and ready for anything the day throws at them.

Whenever I use these two brow products, it’s a complete “eyebrows on fleek” moment from the minute I fill them to the minute I wash them off, even after a long day at work helping people move house.

Plus the fact that you can buy both for under $10 is the cherry on top of the cake. It’s even sweeter when Priceline are having a 40% off sale – $2.50 for an eyebrow pencil that will last you through the nuclear war, zombie outbreak, and coming of the Four Horsemen? Hell yeah!


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