EradiKATE Cleanser

[Spotlight On]: Kate Somerville EradiKATE Daily Cleanser

$55 from MECCA

My, oh my. I bought this in one of those spending whirlwinds where you go to the checkout, pay, and then the next day realise that you paid $55 for a cleanser. I was so embarrassed and ashamed and prayed to sweet baby Jesus that it would be worth it.

Turns out, it is.

I bought this in late February, almost exactly 6 months ago to the day, and I’m only half way through. Even with using this once, twice, sometimes even three times almost every day for 6 months, I still have half left. The tube is like a Mary Poppins bag – it just keeps going and going and going and going. Breaking it down, it actually works out to be a great deal – if one $55 cleanser lasts almost 12 months, for certain that would be cheaper than buying smaller $10 – $20 cleansers and needing to replace empty bottles every season. Not only is that less money spent and less material items acquired, it’s also less empty plastic bottles and squeezy tubes going into landfill.

When I first bought it, I went at it like a bull in a china shop and saw serious results! While I don’t think I’m very acne prone, I do suffer very painful menstrual breakouts, and I 100% think that this product helped calm my period pimples and stopped them from becoming too large and too sore.

After a few months I thought that maybe my skin was “getting used to it” and wasn’t noticing those results as much. I gave it a rest for a week or two before deciding to cut back. So instead of using it daily as a whole face cleanser, I decided to switch it up a bit and only use it as a spot cleanser when I needed it. For the past month or so I’ve only been using it on my T-Zone and jawline on my breakouts, and once again I’ve been noticing amazing results.

Would I buy this again? Sure! It’s great and gives noticeable results! However, when this one eventually runs out (in 100 years lol) I might give the ExfoliKATE cleanser a try as I think that might be a little better suited to my skin’s needs.


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