Empties & Destashes

June, 2017

I’m late, I know, I know. It’s been July for a whole week and I still haven’t posted my June round up yet! Life has been hectic, but it’s so important to still keep up your own interests and hobbies or else the universe will drive you crazy.

This month I’m pretty proud of my empty:throw ratio! 12 empties and 2 throws!


  • whitening aloe vera toothpaste
    Love! Would repurchase this without any hesitation if I catch it in store.
  • tarte Rainforest of the Sea deep dive cleansing gel
    I thought this was pretty good and it was great at removing my makeup at the end of the day, but I wouldn’t buy it again. I think it dried my skin out a bit too much, and tarte is pretty difficult to get in Australia (but that’s another whole different story about why Sephora Australia is a totally shady company).
  • L’Occitane hand creme (rose)
    This was good! It smelled amazing and made my hands feel really soft. Also it lasted a fucking long time! I kept this on my desk at work and it was brilliant throughout the day. Although I won’t be repurchasing this because L’Occitane test on animals (and are also shitfucking expensive).
  • Glasshouse Candle in Montego Bay (mini size)
    Again, I’m considering this empty because it’s getting too tricky to light it without the fear of burning my fingers off. As with my previous Glasshouse empty, I would definitely buy this again, but only in the big size.
  • Malin+Gotez travel sized products (Grapefruit face cleanser; Cilantro hair conditioner; Vitamin E face moisturiser)
    Once again, I love pretty much all of Malin+Gotez’s products and happily used all of these travel sizes. The only thing I wouldn’t repurchase in a full size is the conditioner (just because OGX conditioners are my OTP), but this is still the second travel sized one I’ve used and would 100% buy the same travel set for a third time on my next trip.
  • Hourglass Immaculate liquid powder foundation (sample)
    I’m on the fence about this! This lasted me almost a week’s worth of wear and I’m not sure. Because the shade they sent was far too dark for me, I had to mix it with my tarte shape tape to lighten it a bit. I found that it broke up so badly around my nose and chin, but I’m not sure if that’s because of the foundation or my shape tape. Before I take the plunge into buying a full size, I think I’d go for it again if it ever reappears in my “select your sample.”
  • NARS tinted moisturiser (sample)
    Nope. Nope nope nope. I put this on and immediately hated it and took it all off again. It looked awful on my skin. Also NARS have just changed their CF policy to sell in China, so it’s an automatic non-repurchase.
  • NARS Luminous Weightless foundation (sample)
    I thought this was pretty good, but again I won’t be repurchasing it regardless.
  • Mitchum Clinical Gel deodorant
    Love this stuff! I repurchased it when I ran out, but grabbed a different scent this time because that one reminds me of the hospital *eugh*
  • Malin+Gotez rum hand and body wash (full size)
    You all know my deep, never-ending love for Malin+Gotez rum scented products. I have bought this in the full sized body wash and it’s pretty much my favourite thing ever.


  • ChiChi blending sponge
    I do like these and have a 4 pack, but I have hardly used this all year since I bought my tarte double ended stippling foundation and concealer brush. The sponge was just sitting on my makeup vanity getting all dusty and gross, so it was time for it to go.
  • Essence bronzer (brunettes)
    Orange, orange, orange!!! Although it does smell amazing, like a warm summer’s day at the beach.




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