An open letter to Jeffree Star


First of all, from someone who has watched you over the years and followed you fairly closely, I just want to say how pleased and proud I am that you released your apology video today. I think it was brave of you to address the world despite the brutal lashings of hate you knew you were going to receive. I know that if I had to deal with the amount of anger you receive every day, I’d sure as hell be an alcoholic or something of the sort.

I am one of those people who refuse to buy your products or subscribe, like, or follow your content due to the statements and behaviours you have expressed in the past. However, that’s not to say that this one video will fix everything and everyone will forgive and forget. I know how frustrating it must be for you to have things you did 12 years ago brought up every single day. I myself was a terrible person back in high school and am deeply embarrassed and ashamed about the things I said about my friends back then; I’d feel the same if those things were brought up again and again 10 years later. I’m certain that those people I hurt back in high school still remember the things I said and still feel that anger, and that’s okay. It’s okay for those people to still feel upset, hurt, and angry because what I did was not okay. Just like it’s okay for people to still feel upset, hurt, and angry about the things you said and did when you were younger.

Making an apology video is an amazing start, but it’s not the end of the road.

I attempt to right my wrongs and be a better person every day. I am now a social worker who actively tries to make this world a better place, working to support people who are homeless and children that have been abused. Now, I am so much more conscious of how things I say and do can impact other people. Now, before I make a comment about someone being lazy or a “dole bludger,” as Australians so compassionately call members of the community living off welfare, I take a moment to think about other factors that could be influencing their lifestyle, such as health. It is now (literally) my job to identify those factors and help bring about societal change to eliminate those factors.

What the world needs to see from you now, Jeffree, is an obvious attempt to try and heal the communities you hurt. We need to see you donating to charities (and not boasting about it on twitter); we need to see you making the time to regularly volunteer at shelters and kitchens; we need to see you working to make change. We need to see you put down the phone and log out of your twitter every now and again. If someone hurts you, walk away. Simply ignoring them will make more of an impact than calling them a rat or telling them to kill themselves.

Otherwise, your apology video will just get written off and the things you did 12 years ago will continue to be brought up again and again.

This is an amazing, start Jeffree, and now is your time to show the world that you actually mean it.

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