Dr. Organic Aloe Vera toothpaste

[Spotlight on]:

Dr. Organic Aloe Vera whitening toothpaste

AUD $9.95 from my local IGA

I really love this!

This was the very first organic/vegan/cruelty free toothpaste I had tried, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The consistency is odd, but I certainly got used to it – it literally looks like aloe vera straight from the plant.

It’s extremely minty and makes my mouth feel so fresh! The minty taste does fade away quite quickly, however my mouth always feels nice and fresh up until I eat something (which could be quite soon after, or a few hours depending on my day). I hardly experience plaque build up or any yucky feelings on my teeth and gums during the day after I’d brushed with this toothpaste.

In terms of whitening, I would say that it certainly did whiten my teeth, however it was not long lasting or permanent whatsoever. During the day my teeth would continue to be get stained over and over again until the next time I brushed.

I would definitely purchase this again, and I did plan on it as my current tube is almost empty; however the wholefoods I was in at the time didn’t have this same specific one, so I bought a different one to try (Red Seal herbal toothpaste). Watch this space! I’ll post up a review of that one in a few weeks time.



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