Empties & Destashes

May 2017


Bumble & Bumble Curl Care Conditioner AUD$50

This was alright. It took me ages to use it because I kept going back to other things in between. I feel like it made my scalp feel itchy, and felt that the product itself was so thick that I couldn’t wash it out properly. Not really the best for a product specifically targeted at curly hair, right? Other than that, it did smell amazing and made my hair feel nice and soft. I wouldn’t repurchase this again.

Malin+Gotez bergamont body wash [from the AUD$40 travel pack]

I finally finished one of my M+G travel pack items! I swear the travel pack stuff lasts so long. I love this stuff but I definitely prefer the dark rum scented items over the bergamont. I wouldn’t repurchase a full size of this scent, but I’ve bought a couple of full sizes in the dark rum scent.

Glasshouse Candle in Oahu AUD$18

I’m considering this “empty” because the wax is now so low that it’s too tricky to light anymore. I love this! It smells like laundry detergent and is just delightful. I’d definitely repurchase this scent again, only not in the mini size. The mini sizes are more difficult to light than the large sizes, and the scent is much more subtle (which might be exactly what you’re going for, depending on personal preference).

OGX Argon Oil of Morocco AUD$18

Love, love, love! This lasted me forever and makes my hair feel and smell so nice. I’d definitely repurchase if I can find a solid answer as to whether or not OGX text on animals, because there seems to be a lot of conflicting evidence out there.

Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup Removing oil AUD$5.95

I bought a huge stockpile of this stuff a year or so ago when it was on sale. I’m now down to my last one, yay! I like this enough. For the price it does a pretty decent job of removing any mascara and eyebrow gel. Although, I obviously won’t be repurchasing this and might consider a Mecca Cosmetica micellar water next.


Maybelline Great Lash AUD$6.50

This is getting tossed because it irritates my eyes! Every time my eyes water or I lightly rub them, they burn something fierce when this stuff gets in them. Not good.

Vaseline Intensive Care Coco Glow AUD$11.50

Mate, I bought this like, 2 years ago and it’s still got at least 1/4 of it left. I originally bought it because I wanted a moisturiser that gradually self tans. This did not self tan. I ended up just throwing it out because it’s definitely started to change consistency (it’s become a lot more watery) and it’s time to retire it. Even if Vaseline didn’t test on animals, I still wouldn’t buy it again.

So, with that all done, I can count 3 products in my collection that are tested on animals. Everything is almost gone and my collection is almost entirely either cruelty free or vegan! There might be more products hiding away in the shadows, I’ll have to hunt around and make sure I’ve identified all of them and continue working to push those ones out as fast as possible.



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