Hey y’all, welcome back to my channel! It’s your girl Ingrid here! Today I’m filming a haul video of all the stuff I picked up in Melbourne!!!

No, but seriously, here is my Melbourne haul! The trip was kind of a disaster so I was forced to be very well behaved and only picked up a few things in the week or so I was down there.

Clear It: 

Ah, my most favourite shop in the whole world! From Clear It I picked up a pair of retro looking sunglasses, a beautiful navy and burnt orange shift dress, and a super cute black long sleeved dress that tucks in nicely at the waist and fans out.


I was playing around in the Hourglass section and absolutely fell in love with their ambient lighting blush in Incandescent Electra. It’s the most gorgeous shimmering peach! This is the second ambient lighting blush I own and the love is so real.

I also picked up another Malin+Gotez rum soap and clay mask. Very boring re-stocks, nothing overly exciting to see here.


Minotaur is the coolest shop! We could have spent hours in there looking at all of the stuff. From here I added to my extensive coffee cup collection with this awesome The Simpsons mug! Krusty is one of my favourite Simpsons characters and the colours on the cup are so vibrant. I’m too scared to wash it in case it starts to fade!

As to why the trip was a disaster, I’m currently in contact with a few companies and making some complaints, so after that’s all settled down I might do a little blog sharing my terrible experience! Watch this space!


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