What did I take?

Packing for a trip is always tricky, hey?

How much will I need? What products are going to best suit the weather conditions I will be entering? How can I maximise my options while taking as little as possible? What might break, leak, or shatter during transit?

Here is everything I took with me on a week long trip to the chilly mid-autumn Melbourne recently. I opted for;

  • Three large palettes that give me a tremendous amount of options
  • One liquid and one powder foundation – I opted for KvD Lock-It as I thought that was the packaging most likely to withstand rough transportation 
  • One brow pomade
  • One mascara
  • One primer – A hydrating one for the cold windchill 
  • Three concealers – one brightening, one skin-toned spot concealing, and one green
  • Two lipsticks in a dark, vampy purple and a nude
  • A Malin+Gotez travel pack – Repurchased for this trip because I enjoyed it so much the last time I went to Melbourne!

While this seems like only a small fraction of staple, must-have products, in hindsight this was way too much. For one, I only wore makeup once or twice the entire time, and I didn’t even touch the eye shadow palette, vampy lipstick, or concealers at all. I think I used the bronzer and blush once or twice each. I also took a whole army of face and eye brushes when I only used maybe three or four.

What a waste of space, time, hassle, and worry about whether or not I would open my bag to a shattered mess.

Watch this space for an update of my experiences (including our hotel being a scam!) and a haul of all the amazing goodies I picked up!



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