Mitchum Clinical Gel

[Spotlight On]: Mitchum Women’s Clinical Gel deodorant

AUD$13 from Woolworths

I was forced to buy this after realising that the tarte deodorant wasn’t exactly what I had hoped it would be. I stood in the personal care section of my local Woolies and pulled my phone out to google “deodorants not tested on animals.” Mitchum was a brand that came up so I went ahead and bought one of their products.

This, I love! This definitely stands up to a hard day’s work far more effectively than the tarte deodorant stick. I’ve never used a gel deodorant before and was surprised at the winding mechanism and aloe vera gel-like consistency.

This product took a little bit of learning and experimenting, such as how much to use and what makes it work the best. For me, I discovered that the perfect amount is winding it up just so far that the gel tips over onto its side (if that makes any sense at all!). I also discovered that if my pits aren’t perfectly shaven the product doesn’t work as effectively. Perhaps having hair stops the gel from spreading around evenly?

One downside is that this doesn’t last as long as I would have liked it to, seeing as it’s $13. Today I decided to remove the packaging tape from the outside just to see how much I had left and was disappointed to see that the winding mechanism is almost at the top already. This is a shame as I have only been using this for a few weeks, and not even every single day – I still like to use the tarte deodorant stick on a weekend if I’m just hanging around the house or popping out to run some errands.

Another downside for me on a personal level is that it the scent reminds me of the hospital foaming hand sanitiser (which is a huge turn off for me because I’m afraid of hospitals).

I’ll definitely repurchase this for now, however I think I may keep experimenting with some other cruelty free deodorants in the meantime to see if I can find something just as good but at a more affordable price (that also doesn’t smell like the hospital, eugh).




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