April, 2017

I’ve decided that my monthly favourites are not going to be just material products, but also experiences and feelings. This idea was inspired by Jaquelyn Lovene on youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn-sPp79eEQ

  • Tarte Colour Splash lipstick in the shade “Island Life” – it’s basically KvD Lolita II in a bullet lipstick form. The colour is stunning and the formula is great; it’s hydrating, super pigmented, easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and lasts through my whole work day
  • “Thankyou” products – specifically the incredibly delicious cranberry and coconut muesli bars. This is an amazing not-for-profit company and I’m committed to supporting them as much as possible https://thankyou.co/
  • Why Buddhism? by Vicki Mackenzie; it’s so incredible reading the real-life story of Robina Courtin who travels to maximum security/SHU prisons in America teaching the men about Buddhism
  • The way that my toddler niece (who is just starting to say words) says our names, it’s cute as fuck and melts my cold heart

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