Tarte Marine Boosting Mist

[Spotlight On]:

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boosting Mist

$18 AUD/$39 AUD

Seriously, what even is this? I’ll tell you what it is: a very regretful purchase.

I received this as part of a tarte sample box that I bought for approximately $45AUD a few weeks ago. The set included a lipstick, a blush, cleanser, mascara, eye masks, maracuja oil, and this travesty of a spray.

I tried, guys, I really tried, I used it twice a day for about two weeks in between showering and applying my regular “after shower” skincare routine. It’s going in the trash because;

  • The scent! It smells like artificial orange scented kitchen surface spray. Ugh.
  • The spray mechanism is terrible. Maybe I just received one that’s a little faulty, but, come on. The mist is not fine whatsoever – it’s chunky, sprays out massive droplets, and I can only get a couple of “good” sprays out of it before the whole nozzle just clogs completely.
  • Results? What results? Sure, it felt fairly refreshing on the skin (if I could get a decent spray out of it) but other than that, nada. Zilch. It didn’t make my skin feel softer, or look refreshed, or help my regular face products sink in faster. Honestly, this did nothing except make it feel like someone sneezed on my face.

It’s being destashed and it’s certainly never being repurchased. What happened, tarte? Your products make up a fair chunk of my makeup and skincare collection, but this one is such a flop.

Watch this space for more reviews of each individual product in the skincare sample set – so far I’m confident that they will all be much more positive than this one!



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