Tarte Clean Queen vegan deodorant

[Spotlight On]:

Tarte Clean Queen vegan deodorant

$21 AUD

Unfortunately, I have major mixed feelings about this product. I love it, but I don’t.

Overall, this product is pretty great. It’s excellent value for money and I feel like this one tube will last me for months. It smells amazing, and it feels so light and fresh underneath my arms. It’s perfect, except for the fact that it doesn’t really suit my lifestyle.

This isn’t the type of deodorant I can put on before work and feel totally prepared for whatever the day throws at me. My job is incredibly unpredictable, and I turn up in the mornings with no idea where the day will take me. I wore this deodorant to work two or three times before I figured out that it’s definitely not a “work appropriate” product.

The first day I wore it to work was one of those unpredictable days. I did a lot of physical activity and was pretty sweaty for most of the day. I arrived home, smelled myself, and phwoar, it was not what I’d hoped.

I wore it again the next day with great hesitation. Maybe I hadn’t applied enough? Maybe I’d gotten dressed before it had dried down properly and it had rubbed off onto my tshirt? There had to be some explanation, because I really really wanted to love this!

The second day was the type all social workers hope for; a cruisey day of chilling out in our air-conditioned offices, making phone calls and catching up on our notes. I arrived home and (with great hesitation) sniffed my pits again, and all was well!

This deodorant is absolutely perfect for chilling out on the weekends or hanging out at home. It smells great and feels even better on the skin, but it just can’t survive through a day’s hard, sweaty work.

When I eventually run out of this, I probably won’t buy it again; I need something that I can depend on to keep me fresh throughout the day, no matter what it throws at me. On top of that, personally I just can’t justify having a “work” deodorant and a “home” deodorant, especially as I’m trying to cut back on the amount of consuming I do and products I own.




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