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You would not believe my relief and joy when I found out that Malin+Gotez are a cruelty free brand. They had been a favourite brand of mine for a while, and when I started becoming more interested in being a cruelty free consumer, I was afraid that I would have to give them up.

Seriously, I love this stuff. I first discovered them when I was preparing for a short trip to Melbourne and I needed some travel sized products; I saw the travel essentials pack on and decided it was a go. To my surprise, I loved every single product so much that I’ve even bought a second one for when I go back to Melbourne next month. And yes, in case you are wondering, I am one of those strange people that save all of their empties for the year!

My favourite products are the rum line – as you can see, I have a candle, perfume, and soaps in this scent. I cannot get enough of it!

I’m also in blissful love with the peppermint shampoo. I was no-poo for years before I tried the peppermint shampoo; it was included in the travel pack and I figured I didn’t want to waste any of the products. Since that day, my no-poo was broken; the peppermint sensation on my scalp is so soothing and cooling, and it keeps my hair feeling clean for up to a week.

The clay mask is another favourite of mine – it does take a little while to dry down, but once it does, every single inch of dead, flaking skin is absolutely gone and I feel so soft and smooth. It makes my skin feel so clean and detoxed. I’m just trying to use up a few other exfoliating products before I jump in and buy a full-sized tube of this.

I honestly have nothing negative to say about this brand whatsoever. I’m yet to try the eucalyptus deodorant as it only arrived in the mail today – so their stellar reputation in my eyes may change – however, if all the other products that I’ve tried are anything to go by, I’m sure it’ll perform very well.


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