Cosmetic Damage.

This is it.  All of it.

Every single product I own that somehow cares for or alters my appearance.

Every single currently used product. Every single back-up. Every single empty for 2017. Every single thing I used once and never touched again.

How did I feel when I looked at all of it together? Well, I’m not exactly sure. I didn’t feel proud. I didn’t feel happy. Yet I also didn’t feel embarrassed. I didn’t feel ashamed. I didn’t feel anxious or upset. I simply felt nothing. Of course there are individual products that being me immense amounts of joy and emotional fulfillment (for example, my Malin+Gotez dark rum perfume that reminds me of a significant life event), but overall? Eh.

So how did this come to be? Well, that answer is easy. I use makeup as an emotional outlet. When I’m stressed, upset, or angry, I shop for makeup to cheer myself up. When I’m happy and have just had a great day, I shop for makeup because I deserve to treat myself for what I have achieved. Sure, that’s okay every once in a while for something actually significant (like when I shopped for a new lipstick to wear to my Masters graduation), but once a week? No.

Goal 1; Calm the consumerism.

My first goal for leading a more responsible adult life is to stop the consumerism, for two reasons; the first obviously being financial, but also environmental. The manufacturing, packing, transport, and use of these products all contribute to landfill, pollution, and unethical treatment of animals and humans.

So how am I going to achieve this? Well, first of all, I’ve set up a specific “discretionary spending” bank account. Each time I get paid, a certain amount goes into that account, and that’s essentially my non-essentials budget (“non-essential” meaning that it doesn’t include things like deodorant, toothpaste, work shoes, and other things that I actually need). For the amount of money that goes into the “spend me on whatever the fuck you damn well want” account, an equal or greater amount goes into my other accounts for bills and savings. That’s responsible, right?

By December 2017, my goal is to have NO BACK UPS. Not one. Not one single back up at all. I want to recycle my special back ups box because it’ll be redundant.

Second, I’ve committed to transition to 100% cruelty free makeup and hygiene, but that’s a story for another time.

For more info on how consumerism and companies impacts the world, check out the wonderful Kimberly Clark on youtube;



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