Bunnies are more important than lipstick.

Goal 2; Cruelty Free

So the first decision I made in order to lead a more responsible, meaningful adult life is to change my consumer behaviours to be more ethical. That means only buying products that are not tested on animals, and preferably products that are totally vegan and have environmentally friendly packaging.

Why? Because animals should not have to suffer just so I can wear sparky eye shadow. The earth should not have to suffer just so I can rock that perfect shade of red.

This has been a major learning curve for me so far, and deodorant has been the most difficult transition – there have been a lot of stinky days while road-testing new brands. I sincerely apologise to all of my office colleagues. I hope to use my blog as a way to review and share different ethical personal hygiene products and add to the conversation of ethical purchasing. Watch this space!

For more info on ethical purchasing, check out the amazing Kimberly Clark on youtube; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPExBWjcm9c


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